Testimonial From A Dear Fitness Friend

This testimonial comes from a woman who came to observe one of my Insanity classes almost 2 years ago.  After class, she looked at me and said “I can do this.  Sign me up.”  In her late 60s (and proud of it), this woman has 4 children (1 set of twins) and is one of the most loyal fitness friends I have made since starting my new chapter in Cazenovia.  She is kind, spunky, Gumby flexible, and someone I aspire to be like when I grow up.

Thank you, Penni, for taking the time to write this for me.  I’m blessed to have you in my life.

I am very happy to spread the word about Meghan Kelly Fitness. I have been a loyal follower since the second session of Insanity began. For more than a year I had only Insanity twice a week, but now Meg has become certified in both PiYo and P90X LIVE. I take them all and feel that these classes have really transformed my life. I had been plodding through aerobic exercise classes for several years and was not only bored, but saw little change in my body. That first year of just Insanity took 10 pounds off, and enough inches around waist, hips and thighs for me to be able to fit into jeans I had worn 30 years ago! I did not change my eating habits at all. But the best part of all is how these classes have changed my attitude. I feel good, and I am happy and optimistic. My health has improved overall.

Another good thing about all of Meg’s classes is the concept of “modifications”. You don’t have to be 20 to do the moves. Meg provides modifications for all the moves to accommodate folks with difficult physical issues. Even if you do everything modified, you will still see results. So far I only modify when my COPD is acting up, but knowing there are options, I am confident I can stay with these classes for many years to come.

The last thing that should be mentioned is the energy, compassion and dedication of Meghan Kelly herself. She creates an atmosphere of “can do” and camaraderie in every class. She bonds us together and although she expects us to work hard, we give our best knowing that she is behind us all the way.

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