How do I register to begin classes?

First, fill out our online registration form. Then visit the Schedule page to pick which classes you'd like to take.

Which is the best class for me?

Every class is able to be modified for every fitness level. You never have to jump in Insanity® or P90X® LIVE. There are several modification options for every section of PiYo®. Boot camp classes utilize many different pieces of equipment with options to make it easier or harder for each individual. TRX utilizes a suspension trainer and your own body weight. 

Taking your personal schedule into consideration, Insanity® and TRX are offered on weekday nights. 

Long answer long, call or email us so we can chat about your style and see what might the best option to start with

Will I be able to keep up with the class if I'm just beginning?

You will if you (1) listen to your body during class and (2) listen to your instructor! You have to know your limitations and learn the difference between physical pain and being uncomfortable. In fitness, it’s important to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Pain is a different ball game.  We will coach you through each class and each move. It’s your job to tell us any limitations you have and we’ll work together to make the moves work for you and your goals.

How long is each class?

Classes are 45-60 minutes unless otherwise noted.  Our schedule is always up to date online and through our mobile app.

What should I wear?

Bring sneakers for class. Street sneaks are not permitted in the studio. PiYo® and booty barre®  are done in bare feet, unless you are more comfortable in sneakers. Dress in whatever makes you feel good and comfortable. Ask about brand recommendations too. We have done extensive research in the areas of footwear and fitness clothing, and am happy to share our findings with you.